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Home Company Ethical Management

Basic Ethics of the Employees

  • We will keep the right path within bounds as members of Daedong and will not do any act which can harm individual
    dignity and honor of the company.
  • We will comply with the law established by the national law in any case, and make frugality and saving without vanity
    and greed a way of life.

Accomplishment of Mission

  • We will share goals and values which the company pursues, and complete the responsibility undertaken through
    creativity and faithfulness.

Self Development

  • We will constantly strive for self-development in order to set up a desirable form of talented people in an era of
    internationalization and liberalization.

Job Performance with Fairness

  • In the fulfillment of our duty, we should obey all the laws and regulations , and carry out our duty fairly.
  • In the fulfillment of our duty, we should avoid behaviors related with conflict of the company's interests,
    and consider the company's interests first in case of conflict.
  • We should not receive anything like money and valuables which can hinder fairness with respect to our duties.
  • In the fulfillment of our duty, we should clearly separate private and public spheres, and should not do
    any act which causes detriment to the company by using the company property for personal interest.

Interrelation between Executives and Staff Members

  • We should mutually observe basic etiquette between executives and staff members and should not do any act
    related to irreverence or slander.

Respect for Customers

  • Under awareness that customers are the cause of our existence and the goal as well, we always respect our
    customers and think from the perspective of customers, and regard customers as top priority in its criteria for every action.

Customer Satisfaction

  • We will always try to meet our customers' needs and expectations and to provide the best possible service.
  • We will listen to customers' feedback and suggestions and deal with the complaints as quickly and fairly as possible.

Protection for the Interests of Customers

  • We will protect the customer's information more carefully than the company's property, and won't violate the interest
    of the customer by any immoral acts.
  • We will provide the customer with the facts which the customer necessarily needs to know, accurately and quickly.

Compliance of Regulations in Transactions

  • In all business transactions, we will abide by local laws in the country and respect both domestic and foreign commercial dealing customs.

Pursuit of Free Competition

  • According to the principle of free competition, we will respect market economic order and pursue the competition in
    good faith based on mutual respect.

Fair Dealing

  • In all the bids and contracts that the company conducts, we will provide all individuals and groups
    with an equal opportunity.
  • We will make all transactions be fair and transparent in a comparable position.
  • We will not make an unreasonable demand such as pressure of unfair deals and intervention in management by
    using supreme status in transactions.
  • In all transactions, we will make an integrity contract with our counterpart and follow it.

Fair Treatment

  • The company will provide employees with equal opportunity in accordance with individual capability and qualification
    in training and promotion and the like, and assess and reward employees impartially depending on achievements of
    an outcome.

Development of Human Resources and Acceleration of Creativity

  • The company will actively support competence development of employees and foster each of them as a professional
    and creative talent.
  • The company will try to create an environment where employees' creative and autonomous thinking and behavior
    can be boosted.

Improvement in the Quality of Life

  • The company will establish the system where employees can perform their duties in a right way.
  • The company will make an environment where employees can work comfortably and safely, and actively develop a
    program to improve the quality of life such as welfare benefits.

Growth of Local Community

  • We will strive for the cultural and economic growth of the local community.

Safety, Risk Prevention and Environmental Protection

  • We will do our utmost to manage disaster and risk prevention in compliance with regulations and standards related to safety.
  • We will strive for the environmental protection and prevention of pollution in compliance with domestic
    and foreign environment-related regulations which we will be fully aware of.

Harmony of Labor and Management

  • We will try to work for the coexistence and prosperity of labor-management based on trust and unity.

Social Contribution

  • We will strongly encourage all employees to participate in social contribution activities and will be dedicated to supporting such social contribution.